कोई भी धर्म प्रेम से बड़ा नही होता और दान से बड़ा कोई कर्म नही होता

Youths, and women are the future of the country, and Anmol Social and Welfare Society is proud to shape up the young talents by providing them with in-depth vocational training. Numerous underprivileged people including males and females have been touched and impacted year after year by our educational endeavours.

Vocational training empowers youth, women, and girls who are unable to afford education to have a proper job or business early in their careers. Our objective is to avail vocational training to create a more employable workforce. We lend our hands to underprivileged communities who have to survive foot and mouth without a little formal education where they can access certificates and degrees required to get a reputed job.

Our Goals

  • To give vocational training in employable skills to youths and women with a specific focus on
  • school dropouts and housewives from underprivileged communities.
  • To also give them soft skills training in Spoken English and Personality Development
  • To assist with placements and job offers
  • To teach them to create a professional network
  • To upskill them whenever needed
  • To remove their financial limitations
  • To encourage them to stay educated and employed

How do we do it?
Anmol Social and Welfare Society conducts short-term, such 2 to 3 months courses focusing on youths, men and women from urban slums and rural areas. The model is based on industry linkages and youth counselling and is driven by hands-on skills training. Courses for vocational training programs include hospitality ( food and beverage service, housekeeping, and food production), construction (including electrical, masonry, plumbing, and welding), healthcare nursing, automotive mechanic, and beauty and wellness services. In addition to these courses, students also learn computer literacy, English, life skills and more.

Apart from job and life skills, we also nurture future business makers as people who are interested in launching their own business and bring more job opportunities. We help them mentor for their business launch. We have upskilled and turned many economically deprived, men, women and youths into business people. Men are mostly in construction and automotive mechanic fields. Women preferred to start their beauty services. Youths were open to food, construction, and healthcare. Youths who want to set up micro-enterprises are tracked and mentored for one year, with our team, we boost their efforts and hope to continue, upgrade it, and get more skills to run it aptly.

We know that finding a job or establishing a business is not easy, they need preservation and motivation from peers. Our team ensures to stay with them in their odd time, and help them get out of that.

Why Do We Provide Vocational Training?
Employment is one of the biggest concerns in India, and we are mostly dependent on the initiatives of the government. Anmol Social and Welfare Society is intended to enhance job and entrepreneurship opportunities and act as an aid to the government in employment creation.

With our training program, we proceed in four steps,

  • Mobilisation
  • Training
  • Placement
  • Post-Placement Support.

We have an organised approach towards helping youths, men and women to let them overcome their financial liability. We know and understand that everyone wants to live a respectful, peaceful, and financially stable life, and this is what we work for.

Anmol Social and Welfare Society sees ample opportunities for everyone across the industries in India, the concern is only upskilling as per the match of industry standards. We figure all those expectations, and preparations needed for the same. We welcome all underprivileged people to join our vocational training program as per their choice and interest. We assure you all success, and prosperity through our programs, and create a more stable future for you.