अपने पर्यावरण को मिलकर स्वच्छ बनाएं, आओ सभी पेड़-पौधे लगाएं।

Environment is everything that is around it can be living or non living things that includes physical chemical and other natural forces living things live in their environment. They constantly interact with is and changing response to conditions in their environment.

ASWS- Steps Taken to Improve Environment

Education and training programme for all urban and rural communities to volunteer for this initiative.

Anmol Social and Welfare Society (ASWS) started its initiative by volunteering in urban and rural communities by providing them with education and training programs across Delhi NCR and other regions of India. Our major involvement includes spreading the reasons, impacts and solutions to improve environmental health.

We have a team of trained volunteers who have exclusively worked on upgrading and resolving issues affecting the environment. They have played a major role in sustainable community development, and safe water supply in rural and urban areas. We have also collaborated with respective governments to seek their aid.

Separate models and modules for urban and rural areas-
Educating urban and rural areas need a separate model and modules as their ways of understanding are different. Urban communities have more theoretical knowledge and less practical one. On the other hand, rural people have more practical knowledge of environmental stagnation, but less theoretical knowledge. We bring models and modules that include education that caters for these people respectively.

Programs on population stabilisation- In-depth education to be provided
An unstabilised population is a key reason for the worsening of the environment. We educate people with population control programs. Education is our first measure to make this initiative successful.

Avoid open fields, use toilets-
For decades, people have used open fields for toilet purposes, and as a result, we are facing serious environmental issues. Along with the government’s initiative and efforts, we bring training and programs to educate especially rural ones to have a toilet installed in their homes, and avoid using open fields for this purpose. We train them on the disadvantages and results of using open fields for toilet needs.

Teachers and school students' programs-
Modern-day students and teachers can also play a major role in spreading knowledge and awareness about their nearby livelihood. They are great ambassadors for health, sanitation, and hygiene, and ASWS is promoting their initiative by providing them with special programs to take environmental issues to the next level.

Hospital and industrial waste management-
Wastes that come out from hospitals and industries are immensely detrimental to humans and the environment. Sanitation and waste management across different hospitals can resolve the issues to a great extent. Similarly, industrial waste carbon monoxide, sulphur, and many hazardous chemicals and gases can change or degrade the texture and quality of soil, air and water altogether.

We have come up with an initiative where we train the respective departments of hospitals, and industries about proper waste management and we are sure there will be sound results from our efforts.

Anmol Social and Welfare Society commits itself to bring positive changes to the environment in the national and global index over the years. We will keep endeavouring to do our best to achieve the results and see a safe and greener world in the future.