स्वास्थ्य है जीवन का मूल, इसके महत्व को न जाना भूल.

The Healthcare system has changed a lot since independence, and on many fronts, we have achieved exceptional results, but there are some crucial aspects that are still lagging. Sanitation and menstrual are two main healthcare portfolios where there is still scope for improvement. Anmol Social and Welfare Society (ASWS) is dedicated to bringing positive changes in the mindset of people about these two healthcare issues. We will nurture them with proper sanitation and menstrual health education and training so that they can stay healthy and stay away from any disease. We consider the health reports of Indian and global health authorities like WHO for this initiative.

People & Healthcare Reach
The healthcare stats of rural India continue to be degrading, the health status and access to healthcare facilities for the poor in urban slum dwellers have been seen as equally poor, and there are less than 4% of government primary healthcare facilities only.

Urban slum dwellers have to face adverse health conditions because of two reasons- one is the lack of education and thus lack of health awareness; another is an unwillingness to lose a single day's wage to access the nearest medical facility. Healthcare for the economically backward people, which is an utmost need, thus stays unaddressed.

This creates space for a two-pronged approach- the first one is to avail quality healthcare and medical service to the doorsteps of underprivileged people, and the second is to raise healthcare awareness and modern-day healthcare-seeking mindset in these people.

Pertaining to this situation, a reliable and fast healthcare service delivery system would be the most effective step. And owing to this Anmol Social and Welfare Society, we have started a door to door as well as ASWS on-premise health service. In door to door service, we will reach them and provide necessary medicines, and education for healthcare, and if the need is more than first-aid, our on-premises will be there to serve in the critical times. With this measure, we will be able to address and resolve small to large problems in real-time.

When we will reach their place, and if we find anything needed to be improved owing to their sanitation or menstrual needs, we will immediately let them know. Many times, these situations can be resolved just by providing the right kind of health education.

ASWS Brings Organised Approach to Healthcare Services
Addressing healthcare challenges of underprivileged communities would have been a serious challenge, so we considered seeking the reports of top healthcare organisations in India and the world. There are multiple organisations and institutions which survey and publish their reports on the healthcare status in India. We consider following WHO, and National Family Health Survey reports. Since they survey on a grassroots level, it becomes easy to analyse the conditions of a particular urban slum or rural area.

We have teams of experienced healthcare volunteers who bring notional recommendations to visit places and understand the problem of the region. We many times seek the help of government facilities to bring sound healthcare services to them by appealing to higher authorities.

Anmol Social and Welfare Society appeals to all underprivileged and economically backward communities to come up to us with their healthcare problems. Only you can help us bring change in your behaviour and mindset for healthcare needs. Staying behind the doors won’t let us know what you are surviving with, and thus we won’t be able to implement solutions in real-time. Sometimes menstrual issues can be death-causing and to avoid these problems, we are here for you. Your attentiveness and willingness will be our major help to uproot such issues from our surroundings. We are looking for you now and ever to seek healthcare support.