कोई भी धर्म प्रेम से बड़ा नही होता और दान से बड़ा कोई कर्म नही होता

Today, more than ever, you can help your neighbours and communities in need by donating clothes and other gently used household items to local charities. Your clothing donations make a big difference to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Clothing donations can provide an individual with the clothes and the confidence he needs to succeed in his next job interview. Donating clothing can enable a child to prosper at school among her peers. Clothes donations can keep a family warm at night when the temperatures drop. By making a tax-deductible clothing donation to a charity in your area, you are helping to make a difference in your community.

Clothes can be extra for you, but for someone, they may be less than your daily needs. Anmol Social and Welfare Society comes to serve those people who are incapable of dressing themselves time and again. This world is full of contrasts, someone won't have space to keep their clothes managed, and someone might have clothes for the upper half but not the lower one and vice versa. We as a social platform urge you all to come and donate your clothes which look excessive or you don’t want to wear anymore. This might help your neighbouring underprivileged communities that are in dire need of clothes.

Your clothing donations and our regular distribution of clothes can make a big difference to individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. When someone is dressed up properly, they find themself more confident he/she needs in their daily life. School uniform donation may help poor children in their schools.

Why donate through Anmol Social and Welfare Society

Super Convenient
Donate reusable items at your ease and comfort with us. Drop your item which may not be of your use, but can help the ones in need.

Feel-Good Factor
Donation gives you pleasure and makes you satisfied and happier bringing an uplifting and positive effect on you.

Your Donations are Valued
We ensure that your donations reach someone who really needs them more than anything else.

Transparent Process
We audit your items and supply them to someone who needs them most, and also ensures your credibility remains transparent with you.

Owe Your Donation
A consistent relationship with donors is also important and valued to us. We owe your intent of the donation.

Save the Environment
Your unwanted items may look like a waste to you and you may impact the environment by dumping them, but your donation can save the environment particularly.

The Method of Distribution

  • We take donations from everyone willing to donate irrespective of caste, creed, colour, and religion. You can also donate to other households like toys, books, and others.
  • To donate your items, you need to bring them to our nearest office. Make sure you have made a list of them as we make an archive of all respective donations. We may ask for your name, email id, address and contact for future reference.
  • Then our garment or cloth department sorts out the clothes as per the sex and age of every group. It then discards unusable or torn clothes, and after the final count, we distribute them.
  • Items like summer, winter or rainy seasons can be donated. You can also donate footwear, umbrellas, and other things.

Anmol Social and Welfare Society is the destination where you can think about doing welfare activities. Step ahead and reach us to strengthen our goal, vision, and mission that we have committed to achieving. Without your help, we won’t be able to uplift those people who really need your clothes and other household items.