हेल्थ को दे पहले स्थान, तभी होगा बिमारियों का निदान

Anmol Social and Welfare Society is an idea, a vision and mission of Pradip Singh, who with his volunteers wants to resolve the problem of hunger by providing sufficient nutritious food to ones who are in need with the help and participation of the public. Hunger is a big issue across India including Delhi NCR and other places. It impacts children in a devastating way, and deteriorates children's overall growth. Our food programs are open for all underprivileged communities, economically challenged communities and others.

Hunger produces devastating effects on the body and affects mental health, impacts school performance, and also leads to the risk of chronic diseases. Facing hunger for a long time can cause mental issues like stress, depression, and anxiety and even posttraumatic disorder (PSTD). Hunger also affects concentration needed while schooling. Roaring tummies may turn children cranky, hyperactive and aggressive. These behavioural problems can distract children from their schooling activities causing learning disabilities and developmental delays. Experts also say, there is a strong connection between hunger and chronic diseases, like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. We at Anmol Social and Welfare Society keenly take this issue and ensure our initiative for food distribution must reach everyone who is in need.

Hunger stats in India & World-
  • A report says that around 15% of the population in India is undernourished.
  • There is a huge disparity in this world, where rich can access every kind of food, but poors have to starve for even daily dose. Nearly 1/3rd of overall food produced in the world is never used and goes to waste.
  • Nearly 42% of all Indian children are undernourished, and if meals are balanced as per the beneficiary type (proteins for kids, soluble for the old, etc.), we can provide better nutrition to them.
  • India's rank in the Global Hunger Index has continued to worsen in the last 10 years. The rank of the country has become quite poor since 2016. It stands 101th position among 116 countries.
  • According to the GHI, the pervasiveness of wasting in children under five in India has increased in 2021 as compared to 2012, the previous year for which data are available.

These stats seek our attention, and we raised a platform to remove nourishment issues from the country, and ensured our programs should be tightly knitted. Children must sleep with their stomach full of food and nutrition. They don’t have to worry about day and night meals, and their schooling should also not hamper because of the unavailability of food.

Volunteers- Our Strongest Support in Mission
Goals set can only be achieved when you have an ambitious team like you, when they ensure hard work is a symbol of a strong mind, and keeping any leaf unturned is not their character. Anmol Social and Welfare Society is blessed to have such a strong team of volunteers where everyone understands the importance of nutritious food distribution at the grassroots level. Many of them don’t have a strong educational background, but their volunteering effort for food distribution appears as an exceptional effort.

There have been multiple food distribution schemes run by government as well as private not for benefit organisations, but many of them have been headlines because of some unethical reasons. We have ensured to avoid being in headlines for such reasons by arranging and distributing nutritious foods now and ever.

If you see any underprivileged families or communities starving, reach us and inform us as soon as possible. We will look after all the details and make sure they are served with food in real-time.