Anmol Social & Welfare Society

Anmol Social and Welfare Society, the NGO foundation is the dream and vision of Pradeep Singh, with a team of social volunteers, who want to create better opportunities and possibilities for underprivileged people who need aid for food, education, healthcare, skill-enhancing training, suitable clothes, and sustainable environment.

With the power of a skilled and efficient team of volunteers, we are encouraged and optimistic to bring a durable change in the society that would surely help in the development of the country. We are young and brisked people who see possibilities of winning everywhere. Our culture of work keeps us on the edge of inspiration to ensure the welfare of people who deserve entire facilities hindering them to live a respectful life. We are and we will keep serving them all essential elements that are needed for a quality survival.

To provide overall growth and development to deserving people in all sectors by enabling them with the right set of skills, providing quality education, food, and healthcare services and thus motivating them to accomplish the lasting changes in their lives. We endeavour to reduce literacy and through committed and consistent educators and volunteers reinstate a hope for a better tomorrow.

Serving Better Today and Tomorrow
To live a quality life, there are three essential things, food, clothes, and residence. We cover two of them as the third one is completely on the government's agenda when it comes to the welfare of underprivileged society or people. Our goals are to serve people with quality food and clothes, which are the most basic requirements of every individual. Since these people come below the poverty line, that is, their daily wages are not sufficient to allow them access to quality food and clothes.

We don’t stop just aiding with food and clothes, our mission is to make them educated so that they can stand on their feet and lead a respected life. Education is not only an instrument to find jobs, but also empowers people to get social recognition. As these people can’t afford quality education, we come to the forefront for them and provide them with educators who teach them all streams and stand for them at every point of life. These people can be instrumental in the growth and development of the country as children and youth of the underprivileged tend to have sharp minds and are invincible to make hard efforts.

Vocational training will be a great help to adults who are the sole breadwinners for their families. These people have the ability to kickstart their professional life on a brilliant note, but a lack of formal vocational training keeps them behind. Noticing this, we made sure that these people access proper job oriented training so that they can earn enough money to live a suitable or desirable life.

Awareness towards saving or nurturing the environment is surely lacking in these people as they don’t have that kind of knowledge. Helping them improve with this kind of education so that they can also be an aid in saving the environment is our goal. Providing them with the knowledge and importance of lavatory ensures that they will also contribute to this generous initiative. There are multiple things like this that go unnoticed by these people. Our effort is to make them understand all these things in real-time so that they can actively participate in this noble cause.